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(Image of 603 boot hook)

Strong and durable are the two words to describe Universal Fasteners' Boot Hooks. Manufactured from solid steel and available in two lengths, UFI's open lace boot hooks can be finished in a variety of plated and oxidized finishes that ensure good looks and durability. (Image of Everything You Need to Succeed Patch)

Also available are rivet attached D-ring speed lacers made in a variety of sizes. Both boot hooks and D-ring are available in coordinated matching finishes. Industry and field proven, these fasteners complement any quality boot with long life and a secure, tight closure.

Quality and Services that are Universal

ISO 9000Universal Fasteners has ISO 9000 certified quality systems in place throughout our corporate and manufacturing operations. As part of YKK Corporation of America and YKK's Global Snap Fasteners and Buttons Group, UFI has the strength behind the image to support your fastener needs. We are capable, ready and willing to support your requirements with quality products, fashionable designs, technically advanced attaching equipment, competitive pricing and personalized service.

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