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2-Prong Fastener
Product Correct Loose Uneven
(Image of 2-Prong Tack and Button) (Image of 2-Prong Button Correctly Assembled) (Image of 2-Prong Button Too Loose) (Image of 2-Prong Button on Uneven Base)
1-Prong Fastener
(Image of 1-Prong Tack and Button) (Image of 1-Prong Button Correctly Assembled) (Image of 2-Prong Button Too Loose) (Image of 2-Prong Button on Uneven Base)
Do Not Set Attachment on Seams Application Too Thick
(Image of Badly Placed Buttons) (Image of Button on Too Thick Garment)
Correct: The button should be snug against the garment and parallel with the tack.
Loose: The product can be easily pulled off the garment. This is usually caused by the machine set-up. Check the attaching pressure and the positive stop setting.
Uneven: The two halves of the attachment are not parallel to each other, making the attachment weak. This is usually an application problem and can be corrected by moving the attachment to a level area of the garment.
Seams: If the product is attached on a seam, it may cut the thread -- loosening the seam. This may also cause the attachment to be weak by making it uneven. Move the point of attachment to another area.
Thick CFT: The product will appear to be snug on the garment, yet easily pulled off. Your application may require a different product or may need to be redesigned. Always consult your local representative or UFI's FTC Group for assistance and recommendations.

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